Do you ship worldwide? 
Yes. Art can be shipped and enjoyed around the world.
How much does shipping cost? 
Shipping costs will vary and are dependant on destination, size and weight. If you would like more information on shipping costs of the exact piece(s) you would like to order please feel free to contact me at info@artistdonnamurphy.com
Can I commission a piece of artwork and if so, how do I go about it?
Most definitely yes. I take on a number of commissions through the year. The best way to go about it is to email me directly, express your ideas and we can take  from there.


How long does a commission piece of art take?
It all depends on a size, style and the current waiting list/work load. If you email me directly, I would be more than happy to talk over ideas and time scale.


How does the deposit scheme work?
The pieces that qualify for deposits will be stated as their deposit price. The total amount will be in the information section on that piece of artwork. Purchase your chosen art and we will arrange the remainder which can be paid in full or instalments.


What is a Hand Embellished piece of artwork?
So! These I am VERY excited about. Hand Embellished pieces are high quality prints of an original artwork. I then take them and add to their story and value by working on them further. I currently use acrylic paints and gold leaf to really take the prints to another level. They make for wonderfully meaningful and unique gifts as well as to add to your own collection.


Customer service: For all enquires info@artbydizz.com I aim to respond in a 24hr period.