The artist behind the art.

Hello! Welcome to my online art gallery. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and talk through how this work came to be.

My name is Donna Murphy and I am an artist living in Leamington Spa, Uk. It's fair to say I know exactly what I am passionate about have been in one way or another for years . I am absolutely captivated and forever moved emotionally by 'the body'. How we move, how we feel, express and explore. I am obsessed with the ability we have, that is to tell a story with just one look or one pose, a series of dances and expressions.My work tells a story, from sensuality, to struggles, from self exploration to standing in proud in our own skin. There is no limit to how we speak and live through these vessels. 

Using various mediums, mainly charcoal and pastel I draw and paint nudes, portraits and study the human anatomy. I often let myself run wild during the creative process, exploring my various styles and not limiting myself to one.
As a former professional physique athlete I have created a deep rooted passion and understanding with muscle, bone structure, the way to move and the way we hold ourselves. Years of anatomy studies, bodybuilding and coaching figure athletes, mixed with a Fine Art education and a love for life itself have all come together to create Art By Dizz.
If you would like to know more about any of the featured artworks, please don't hesitate to ask, send a message - I am always happy to connect and hear from you.
Below - a picture that was taken during my bodybuilding days, a time I was competing international whilst also finding my roots back into the art world.

 Donna Murphy (Dizz) - Professional Artist and Physique Athlete